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Original Size and Cutting Glass

Clear Float GlassThicknes in (mm) : [3mm][5mm][6mm][8mm][10mm][12mm][15mm*][19mm*]*/Please call for information first Ryben and Frosty Glass (Kaca Es)Thicknes in (mm) : [3mm][5mm] Reflective and Tinted GlassThicknes in (mm) c-1 Dark Blue [5mm][6mm*][8mm*] c-2 Euro Grey [5mm][6mm*][8mm*] Read more…


The term “beveled” refers to a glass that has its edges cut and polished to a specific angle and size in order to produce a specific elegant look. This process leaves the glass thinner around Read more…


The glass is run through a glass edging polishing machine with a number of polishing wheels, ranging in grits getting finer towards the end. After the flat polish is created, the glass approaches two wheels Read more…

Tempered Glass

Flat Tempered Glass , Bending , Lamninating , etc for more and further information please contact us

Glass Installation and Service

We possess a significant amount of experience in this industry. In all these years we have provided our installation services to thousands of customers.We serve clients all over Bali , especially in Singaraja. Things we Read more…

Why our product is the best?

We provide the best glass installation products and services in Singaraja Bali. And we use the best quality accessories and materials, such as: ALEXINDO, ALKO, ALMASA, YKK, DORMA, DEKSON, KOLF, ONASIS, OCIOUS, etc.
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